How Many Pregnancies Are Unplanned

Around half of the pregnancies in the United States are unplanned. Statistics state that in 2011, 45% of the pregnancies were unintended ( However, thankfully, ther are so many products that help make pregnancy easier that are very affordable.

maternity-body-pillowThe maternity body pillow helps pregnant women to sleep at night and adjust to the changes in their bodies. Many women report that they were previously unable to rest at night due to discomfort. Since purchasing a maternity body pillow, they sleep more soundly.

When looking at maternity body pillow reviews, look for reviews from objective sources. Companies that want to sell you their specific product will always have a biased opinion. However, the maternity body pillow reviews from unaffiliated sites, such as chat rooms for pregnant women, tend to give more honest feedback.

It is not necessarily an easy time to get together all the things needed for a pregnancy, especially when it is unplanned. However, maternity body pillows really do allow a woman to get comfortable when resting, so try to find a good quality one. There are so many products out there designed to make a pregnant woman’s life easier, so be sure to take advantage of the resources.

When looking at the maternity body pillow reviews, try to look at price points as well. No one needs to be unnecessarily bilked during a vulnerable time in their life, and that of their baby’s. Try to take a relaxed approach to collecting pregnancy items, because the baby can sense stress in utero and is bombarded with unnecessary hormones.

Pregnancy is a joyous event, even if it is unplanned, and can be a wonderful time in a new mother’s life. Enjoy the radiant glow of pregnancy, and be sure to purchase a good maternity body pillow for a superior night’s sleep.

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