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Blood Pressure Analysis

When a person wants to analyze their blood pressure they can do so by using a blood pressure monitor or a cuff. In order to accurately monitor a reading a person must know what the numbers stand for. All blood pressure readings have two numbers and they are the systolic and diastolic. The systolic number is the top number and the diastolic number is the bottom number. So for a reading of 140/90mm Hg; the systolic number is 140 and the diastolic is the bottom number. The primary target for a blood pressure reading that is 120/80 or lower. Many health professionals consider this a good range for a blood pressure analysis. Never forget that blood pressure reading will vary by person. Some people just naturally have a blood pressure. This does not mean that they are going to die any time soon or experience bad health problems. Many kids and teens have high blood pressure readings but they are perfectly fine. The same is also true for people with low pressure readings. A person can have a pressure reading of 90/40mm Hg and be perfectly okay. A high or low blood pressure only becomes a problem when there are serious symptoms or medical problems that accompany their condition. Otherwise, a person’s blood pressure reading is probably just fine. If a person’s pressure is high or low they can make some adjustments in their lifestyle to stabilize their reading or they can take medication. Once again, a + Read More